Laughter is Necessary…But Everything is Not Funny

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Too Soon?.”

Randall is running as fast as he can being chased by his friends. He knew he would outrun them. They would not catch him. He turns to look back while still in very fast motion to see how far they were behind. Little did he know that would cost him the race. He ran smack in the middle of a huge oak tree. Wow! That hurt. He thought he would pass out and could feel the bump forming on his forehead. The friends catch up and are bursting with laughter? Funny or not?

Of course the friends are not thinking about the fact that Randall could be seriously hurt. The oak tree is a formidable opponent. Rather than check to make sure he’s alright, the laughter takes over and turns into a tearful, stomach-hurting long moment when Randall feels physical pain and then emotionally hurt because his friends see his mishap as a joke.

Everything is not funny. Sometimes it is necessary to make sure another person is alright after a mishap. I have an experience like this in my past… a long, long time ago. Really. It was not funny. I did understand the giggle box being opened by the incident but to me, it was not funny. I was hurting physically and emotionally. It has been said that we should laugh at the mishaps we experience in life. That taking things too seriously can be very destructive.

Making sure a person is alright before bursting into laughter at a mishap is the point here. And, while life happens and we can certainly laugh at ourselves, timing is everything. Ask any comedian. That said, I think some social media venues have gone to the extreme to make us laugh. Some posts are discouraging, painful, embarrassing. I know people are individuals; one group may find something funny and the other may not. For me everything is not funny.

Looking in the Mirror

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall.”

As I read over my previous posts and reflect, I see a person who is ever evolving to a better self. I see myself in the moment when I wrote different posts-what I was experiencing and how I felt. Sometimes the reflection and the revelation expose aspects that I want to get rid of and remind me that I need to put more attention to that certain area.

I do not reflect to regret but to see progress made and progress desired. When I take a true look at myself in the mirror, it is be honest with myself. There are times when it is painful to see areas that you know have influenced wrong choices, etc. However, the best part of the mirror experience is knowing that you can change things.

The mirror experience is best used to see where you are, where you’ve been and where you are going. I am one who refuses to live in regret. So, when I see that coming on, I choose to review the experience with the fact that I did the best I could in that given situation. Regret is an emotion that has to be monitored carefully so that you do not end up in a destructive place.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, you do have purpose after all.

The course I take when I choose to view is always to make a better you.

Through times when it is pain I see, I know that I don’t have to be

In a place that lingers that pain, but a choice to make for further gain.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, you do have purpose after all.