Writing Space


I had not really given any thought to how the environment affects my writing. However, since this question has been posed and I give it some thought, different environments create different results. A quiet environment is more introspective and results in writing that reveals my internal state. A noisy environment such as a café produces writing about social issues. I tend to observe people more and think about what’s going on around me. When I write at my desk, it is more business-minded writing results that I see.

 This is a very interesting question because many of us do not think about our environment unless we are one of those persons who require significant quiet to produce. I am not one to write a lot on my phone. The mobile device is quite significant in our culture today, but I prefer to either write with pen and paper or write on my computer. I still enjoy writing with pen and paper quite a bit. I am also one who likes to keep up my penmanship. I am definitely old school here.

Sandra V.